Community Involvement

It was June 1924, when a group of six doctors decided to disprove the notion that very little could be done for people with heart disease. They tackled this misconception with the belief that scientific research could ease people’s suffering – and even lead to groundbreaking treatments and cures.

Thanks to our many volunteers and supporters, countless lives have been saved and improved since that historic date. We’ve helped people prevent disease, eat healthier, get active, enjoy healthier environments, and access better emergency care and treatments.

Here are just a few of our many highlights over the years:

In 1948 we became a voluntary health organization that funds world-class research. Our mission became much more visible as volunteer and fundraising events took hold in communities and businesses across the country. 

We’ve seen amazing developments since as we’ve worked to improve the health of all Americans while also focusing on populations facing higher risks. In 1998 we bolstered our commitment to fighting stroke with the launch of the American Stroke Association. In 2004 we started Go Red For Women to help women understand that heart disease is their top health risk – and to help them take action.

We’ve become the nation’s leader in CPR science, education and training, teaching this vital skill to millions of people every year. In fact, as you’ve recently heard, 16 states now require CPR for high school graduation – ensuring more than 1 million lifesavers will graduate every single year.  

Over the years we’ve remained a steadfast leader in the fight against childhood obesity. And our community programs, cookbooks and healthy-living resources are empowering families to make better choices. 

Of course, all of our efforts – from those earliest days to now – have been rooted in science. We fund more heart disease and stroke research than any organization except the federal government. Over the years we’ve funded 13 Nobel Prize winners as well as numerous research breakthroughs.   

We’ve developed evidence-based guidelines so healthcare professionals can treat patients based on the latest science. And we help hospitals nationwide follow those guidelines. Our scientific journals, meetings and conferences share the latest and best research with scientists and healthcare professionals. Scientific Sessions, in fact, has been held every year since 1925 except for a brief hiatus during World War II.

Since 1981, we’ve worked with federal, state and local officials to change policy and build healthier environments. We’ve helped ban smoking in public places, make sure kids get healthier school foods and remove trans fats from foods.

That’s just a snapshot of our work over the decades that has contributed greatly to a tremendous new reality: Deaths from heart disease and stroke have fallen, dramatically and steadily.

Now, we are stepping up our efforts to help everyone live better by building a culture of health. We’re doing that by working toward the ambitious goal of dramatically improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 2020.

Thank you for everything you have done to make this amazing history possible – and for all you’re doing to ensure a brighter future!



Priority’s corporate responsibilities range from having a positive effect on our environment to charitable giving within each community where we operate.

Environmental Emissions:

Our goal is to reduce fuel usage through route optimization and the encouragement of hybrid vehicles with our Independent Contractors. We support “green” packaging (decreased amount of materials used in packaging as well as reusable packaging) in order to decrease environmental impact.

Paper Reduction:

Technological strides have allowed us to send invoices in PDF and several other formats. We have installed a document imaging system in all of our delivery centers as well as corporate departments. Significant measures have been implemented to reduce the usage of paper and materials that would impact the environment. A recycle program has been implemented at the corporate level in order to reduce all consumable waste.

Community Service:

We have been a 35+ year supporter of the American Heart-Mini Marathon, Cincinnati, plus the American Diabetes Association Step-Out Walk, Cincinnati. Not only have Priority’s corporate responsibility efforts made our company a more desirable place to work, but have also built goodwill in the communities in which we live.

Honors & Recognition:

  • Recipient of Cincinnati's "1992 Small Business of the Year" Award
  • Member of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
  • Founding member of the Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA)
  • Member of Cincinnati Minority and Female Business Incubator
  • Recipient of the American Heart Association, Ohio Valley Affiliate, "Distinguished Achievement Award 2004"

"Priority Dispatch has been donating their services to our organization for years! They have graciously donated their time, trucks and manpower for our largest fundraising event – Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Their customer service and professionalism is second to none. They have gone above and beyond to make sure our event logistics are taken care of from start to finish. I would recommend Priority Dispatch to anyone with delivery needs."

Leanne Blair, Associate Director, American Diabetes Association

"For over 34 years, Priority Dispatch has volunteered and contributed to the American Heart Association and our Heart Mini-Marathon. Priority’s associates and independent drivers have given AHA hundreds of hours volunteering and making deliveries. Over the years, Priority has given an in-kind gift of well over a half million dollars. We love Priority and couldn’t have done it without them!"
Jennifer Hauck, Senior Business Development, American Heart Association, Cincinnati Division

ADA 2010 Step Out to Fight Diabetes

AHA Heart Mini Marathon

AHA Heart Mini-Marathon