Manufacturing Solutions

Transportation is central to the manufacturing supply chain process. Since 1973, Priority’s expertise has assisted hundreds of corporations with important transportation assignments. Our trained professionals understand that “lean” logistics are an integral part of their methodology.

Priority’s efficient and cost-effective solutions ensure that products will arrive safely, securely and on time. Security is never a worry, because we will track your product from beginning to end, troubleshooting risks as they happen.

Whether it’s a parts delivery from one plant to another, or displays shipped to market, our solutions provide:

  • Flexible delivery with efficient cross-docking and quick turnaround
  • Vehicle types including car, pick-up, cargo-van, straight truck and tractor-trailer
  • Delivery throughout the lower 48; internationally through networks
  • Compliance adherence to state and federal requirements
  • Owner-operator contractors with CDL licensing and Hazmat certification
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support to get the right part when and where it’s needed
  • Technology with authenicated real-time tracking visibility
  • Customized reports ensuring total logistics control of your data

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